Super Ralph

A couple posts ago I mentioned that I would be involved in a two-week convention gig and I was anxious as I did not yet know which instruments I was supposed to play.

Well, we are a couple days into rehearsing and so far it is smooth sailing. I am playing tenor and baritone saxes, flute and clarinet. It is for a massive State Farm convention that will be in town next week and we will be performing an original mini-musical about insurance or State Farm, well I’m actually not sure as I haven’t heard the lyrics to the songs yet. As you can imagine, the potential for cheesiness could be pretty high. I have done musical numbers at these types of conventions in the past and they are usually an unimaginative re-wording of an existing song, something that I seldom like.

It makes me very happy that State Farm hired the great composer, Jason Robert Brown, to write this all-original show. Everyone involved in the production is of the highest caliber and we are getting all the rehearsing and putting together of numbers done faster and more thoroughly than I have found to be the norm nowadays.  The core band which I believe to be mostly from New York is excellent and really bring these fantastic songs and arrangements to life.

I’m excited to be part of this event and to be able to enjoy myself and be proud of it.

And I can’t wait to meet Super Ralph.


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