Having fun at Lion King

I cannot even believe they let me into the room, much less the orchestra pit and even more unbelievable still, they let me play and broadcast my sound through microphones into the audience!

My self-deprecation is exaggerated of course, but only slightly. The regular flutist on this job, Alexander Viazovtsev, does such an amazing job that I cannot even aspire to match his performance as I usually do in such subbing circumstances.  I am going for good enough to not be thrown out of the theater, or blacklisted from all Las Vegas productions or hauled before a judge to be tried as disreputable citizen that is besmirching Las Vegas’  good name.

Despite all that, I am having a great time making music out of little warped pieces of bamboo that look like some high school wood-shop project gone wrong.


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1 Response to Having fun at Lion King

  1. j says:

    I love this. You’re so humble, and so much in love with what you do.

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